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Zymed is a Chilean-based company from the area of the biomedical services destined to satisfy the needs of the health care professionals entailed to the clinical laboratory, blood banks and cardiosurgery areas. We work with all the health public services and clinics that have decided to trust us to supply the necessary implements to fulfill their importants tasks. Our company was born in 1990 in Santiago, the capitol of Chile, and since then we have made efforts on finding the best medical solutions existing in the global market that are destined to the institutions that work in our sphere of influence. Our interest is to give integral solutions to satisfy persons health problems, thinking in every moment in satisfying the high exigencies of the health personal of our country. We have selected a top-level group of provider companies that are the best of the world in their areas with the only purpose of increasing the level of our supplies. The working philosophy of Zymed includes so important concepts as integrity and honesty at the moment of begin a relationship with our patients and suppliers. To them we are obliged to express frankness and respect. Zymed has annual sales of more than one million dollars and its headquarters are located on Estoril Avenue in Las Condes county. From here its workers move to the different health institutions in Santiago and the provinces of Chile in order to attend our clients. Our products give a high cost-benefice relation because we make efforts to obtain high quality elements at prices that are compatible with national health care institutions budgets. Likewise, we give an adequate technical support to the utilization needs of our products. We assure that the implements we supply are ever in the  best use conditions and that they are replace when the situation indicate it. The CEO of Zymed in Santiago is Mr. Andrés Rubilar Aravena and the central headquarter of the company is located on 50 Estoril Avenue, office number 410, Las Condes county.
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